Ronan Cusack reports that for the first time in 65 years, the final day of this year’s World Cup had to be postponed on safety grounds. Southerly gales up to force 10 pounded the shore lines in Cushlough from early morning on Monday. This storm had been forecast all weekend and a decision was made by the committee on Sunday evening to postpone the final. This year’s final has been rescheduled for next Saturday week, August 15th.

Just over 500 anglers participated in this year’s competition from all across Ireland and the UK. Weather conditions over the heat days were perfect, with plenty of wind and cloud cover each day. Angling this year was pretty much divided 50/50, shallows – depth and anglers had success on both sides. As usual, the majority of good fish came from the shallows, with a number of trout tipping the scales at over 4lbs. The deep also accounted for a good number of fish, but the main problem was to get them over the 13 inch mark. There seems to be plenty of trout across the black water but the average size is small. Roughly 50% of the anglers who caught fish this year qualified for the final with an average cut off weight of 1.5lbs.

Tight lines to all the qualifiers for Saturday week and hopefully the weather will have improved by then.