A very productive days fishing for Rookie Bass Angler Steven Neely  as he catches 26 pike and over 60 perch.  Read his report:
Time is running out for my freshwater fishing this season so we got up early and headed for a nice quiet small water just in time for first light ……
Water levels looked perfect and we had only been there 5 minutes before we say fish moving and starting to drive bait to the surface.
Steven Neely - PikeI have been using the Illex 150 Dexter Shad for the past few sessions and it is hammering the pike left right and centre …. I haven’t had pike hit any other lure as hard as they nail the Dexter 150 …. maybe it is the killer rolling action or the tasty colour schemes but I struggle to take it off!
Anyway straight off we hit into a ton of decent fish …… pushing up around the 10 lb mark ….. We fished hard for the first hour or so but then things started to quieten down and so we put down the Dexters and reached for the perch gear.
It was pretty cool sport too with lots of stripeys ready to nail our lures fished close to the bottom. Mostly small 2 – 3 inch lures using jig heads, texas, jika and drop shot …. constantly changing and experimenting but at the end of the day it was just good old fashioned fun!
Steven Neely - PerchAfter a suitable amount of perch bashing we decided to go for an explore to a few other parts of the river in search of some more pike …. I had the go pro running and managed to catch some more footage of my girlfriend fighting and landing a nice fish – Check out the full video below!
We finished the day with 26 pike and over 60 perch which was top class sport on the lure gear! I love watching pike slip back into the water like crocodiles submerging themselves back into the depths ….. I need some more practice photographing the release but I managed to get a snap on one going back to fight another day.
Steven Neely - Pike releaseThe video will give you some idea of the sport we had and to top it all off it was a cracking spring day with a bit of proper heat in the afternoon which was finally nice to see and long may it last …. it won’t be long before the sea temperatures rise and the bass start to hit the lures again and it will be all systems go!

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