Don Quinn was on to tell us that Don Quinn Jnr. has finally hit the jackpot after spending the past 20 years trying to catch his first bass. He had hooked and lost a few bass over the years, but never succeeded in landing one. His luck changed big time towards the end of September!

Don went to Garretstown in West Cork shortly after low water in Mid Septmber. He was hopeful of a good day’s fishing as there was a big surf after the recent storms,  but had to abandon the idea due to huge quantities of floating weed. He decided to seek calmer, cleaner waters and opted to move closer to Kinsale.  His second cast yielded the fish of a lifetime, a 10lb 10 oz bass! Don was fishing a fresh crab & mackerel cocktail.

A long awaited prize
A long awaited prize

Having taken this long to get one he wasn’t going to wait another 20 years to get his second and caught another good bass of about 8lb from an east Cork rock mark last week, this time on a Toby.

Another nice bass - this one spinning from the rocks
Another nice bass – this one spinning from the rocks