Eire Bass Guide Richie Ryan is a non stop conveyor belt when it comes to fish, he reports a red letter day during the week in Cork Harbour.

For a while now Richie said he was trying to get his son John’s nearly father in law Andy Newman out on his boat “Sea Hawk” for a fishing trip. A pet day arrived with little wind and sun as a bonus so off they set.
The guide was passing an old bass mark and decided to give it a go.

A super fish for Andy !
A super fish for Andy !

To their delight, bass after bass were hooked and returned, 15 in total ! Richie said it was a great bonus for the end of the season and with that good luck that he’d definitely bring Andy out again. Their main regret was that their fishing mad grandson in Canada , Seán Ryan , couldn’t be with them for their special day.
A few hours on the fly also produced some great Pollack, Andy’s first experience of this sport.

And one for the man himself...
And one for the man himself…

Richie Ryan
Saltwater fly fishing Guide.

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