Kayak angler Graham Smyth reports on a smashing day last Monday:

Myself and Mike Sherwood went out after beasts on Mon Oct 31st and general fishing. The fishing was very quiet with 2 seals watching us at close range. One seal disappeared and a few mins later my shark/skate rod got a hit. I had a coalie swim bait loaded with Bio Edge sandeel potion sitting about 6 to 8ft off the bottom in the run of the tide got a hit. I wondered is this the seal. I lifted it dropped the bait and literately in seconds had it again.

graham-smith-est-150lb-progeagle-at-malin-headA savage bit of head shaking and powerful runs I knew it was not a seal. Di-spite mike shouting “it’s a seal it’s a seal lol.” It towed myself and Mike 1.5miles. A savage fight lasting an hour had the beast along side the kayak going nuts. All cameras clicking and away we let him go. He was around 145lb to 150lb . I am delighted with him a fantastic looking shark. Big thanks to Mike for helping out. We had a brutal 2.5mile paddle back to collect anchors and head in.

Graham Smith

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