Declan Gibbons reports that anglers, guides and  other service providers are reporting very mixed fishing for the past week on Corrib, with some having excellent sport and others reporting patchy or poor fishing. Two notable themes are emerging from speaking with anglers; firstly the large number of small/undersize fish which is very encouraging to see and bodes well for the future, however the care with which these fish are being handled is poor at times with fish welfare being mentioned in angling circles. Please wet your hands before handling any fish, unhook gently and quickly, and get the fish back in the water as soon as possible. Secondly, the number of anglers out on the lake without lifejackets or personal flotation devices – there have been a number of fatal accidents on the lake in recent years, and a lifejacket may have prevented some of these. Please take care and remember your lifejacket – it’s also the law! A bit of peer pressure is sometimes a good thing – people are more inclined to listen to their friends and family, and heed their advice.

Over the week there were reports of excellent mayfly hatches in most areas when weather conditions were conducive to hatching, and fishing to match it. There were long periods of little fly life, however, and the fishing has been patchy overall.

Ger Carrig with a superb Corrib trout caught on a buzzer pattern, and sportingly released
Ger Carrig with a superb Corrib trout caught on a buzzer pattern, and sportingly released

In the Oughterard area Basil Shields (091-552550) reports that guests had mixed fortunes, catching fish on buzzer and mayfly. Larry Kelly, Dublin and John Jacks, Scotland had 42 fish for 10 days, 8 of which were caught on buzzer – one over 6lbs, all the rest caught on mayfly with the best of those estimated at  3.5lbs (all 42 fish were sportingly released). Colin Wright from Belfast had 4 fish for one day’s fishing on mayfly with the best fish 3.25lbs, all released. Shannon anglers Glen O’Connell and Ger Carrig had 3 fish on buzzer for one day with the best fish being 4.75lbs, all fish sportingly released. Donegal duo Milton Matthews and Lindsey Clarke had 6 fish for 2 days fishing, including 5 on buzzer and 1 on a dry mayfly, all sportingly released and the best fish 5.25lbs.

Glen O'Connell with a fine Corrib trout caught and released on buzzer.
Glen O’Connell with a fine Corrib trout caught and released on buzzer.

Andrew Clay, Dublin and Colman Counihan, Gort had 6 fish on buzzer to 4.75lbs, all released. UK angler William Bickerstaff had 6 fish on buzzer for his visit to Lough Corrib – best fish 5.9lbs, all released. USA angler Warner Stort had 7 fish, all on buzzer with 3 fish over 5lbs, best fish 5lbs 10oz and all released. David and Daniel Dobbs Dublin had 21 fish for 3 days on mayfly with 2 fish over 3lbs. Victor Chalmers had 11 fish for 2 days on mayfly, all released.

Deirdre Forde from Camillaun Lodge hosted the Ferrero/Torrero party of 4 rods from Italy on their annual visit to Lough Corrib, led by Eduardo Ferrero who was on the victorious Italian team which won the FIPS Mouche Masters World Championship in Galway last year. For 5 days fishing they boated 71 trout, all on mayfly patterns. These were the most successful anglers in the week. Other anglers found dapping more successful than wetfly patterns but the hatches of fly were patchy. Deirdre says find the flies and you find the fish feeding!

Maria Elena Torrero with a lovely Corrib trout caught on her annual trip to Oughterard
Maria Elena Torrero with a lovely Corrib trout caught on her annual trip to Oughterard.

A party of Dublin anglers enjoyed good fishing, with Rory McCabe landing 5 fish from 43cm to 53cm, Richard Burgess 3 fish to 44cm ,Shane Cullen a fish of 36cm and Robert Lawlor 2 fish to 36cm, all caught on buzzer and sportingly released.

Kevin Molloy (087-9604170) of Baurisheen Bay Guiding, Boat Hire & Self Catering hosted Harry Couch and family, 6 rods for 8 days landing 80 trout (all dapping), with fish averaging 1.25lbs and the best being 4lbs. Paul McShane from Dublin and friend had 6 fish on Sunday last on wetfly – best fish 4.5lbs. Dave Gordon and Gordon Harrop had 50 fish for 8 days, all released and all caught on wet and dry fly. Ian Banks from the UK had 5 fish for his recent visit to Lough Corrib for one day. Gerry Molloy ( reports mixed fishing in the area with some guests having excellent fishing on wets and dapping.

In the Cornamona area Tom Doc Sullivan ( was guiding Steve Carew and Ray Hickey from the Fulling Mill Tackle company for 3 days and they landed 16 trout – best fish 2lbs and had many more small fish. Tom himself and Mike Keady fished on Saturday last in the area and had 5 fish on wet fly patterns.

A fine plump trout from Corrib

In the Cong area Frank Costello of Ashford Bay Boat Hire, Guiding & Self Catering ( reports of visiting French anglers Remy Gateaux and Pascal Schmitt enjoying excellent fishing in the area, catching plenty of trout for their stay, including one fish over 4lbs on dry mayfly. Jim Connell, an Irishman now residing in Manchester had a trout of 4lbs on Saturday last on a wet mayfly in the Cong area.

Ted Wherry from Mayfly Lodge, Ballynalty (087-4305957) hosted Jason James from England, who  caught 12 fish for 3 days last week, and Ted fished with Richard Robinson for the remainder of the week and had 23 fish between them on wet and dry may fly patterns.

On Sunday last The Annaghdown angling club hosted The Paddy Fahy Cup (Boat Competition) with 22 anglers participating and catching 32 fish. In 1st place were Michael Dillon & Micheal Flaherty, with 8 fish for 9kgs. 2nd place went to Adrian Lynch & James Sexton, with 8 fish for 6.05kgs. John Reidy & Gene Haran were 3rd, with 5 fish for 4.75kgs. The heaviest fish went to Michael Dillon with a fish weighing 1.8kgs.

The Mayfly Cup was fished out of Greenfields, with poor fishing reported, and just one boat weighing in fish. The winners were brothers Robert and Richard Reilly.

A short heatwave is due for tomorrow, let’s hope this isn’t the annual Irish summer! The humid weather is due to last until the weekend, with the outlook for breezy, fresher conditions next week, which may prolong mayfly hatches in some areas.

Robert & Richard Reilly, winners of the Mayfly Cup fished out of Greenfields
Robert & Richard Reilly, winners of the Mayfly Cup fished out of Greenfields