Once in a while we get a story sent us about a turning point in an angler’s career or a special moment that marked when they got hooked on angling. A tale like this is worth sharing around and makes for a great Catch of the Week winner. Alan Frahill from Limerick takes up the story…

Patrick with a lovely Lough Derg Perch

While fishing on Lough Derg one afternoon recently with my son Patrick (9), we came across a couple of nice Perch. The smile on this young man’s face tells its own story but his comments later that evening really capture the essence of fishing and I’m sure that all anglers can associate with the moment that they became “hooked” on this wonderful sport.

We had 5 lovely perch and needless to say all 5 fish were returned safely.

Patrick was elated with his catch and afterwards he likened catching fish to scoring a try in rugby or a goal in soccer. He went so far as to say, “Catching fish is a great feeling, its’ brilliant. I’m so happy with today”.

Thanks for sending on the story Alan and well done Patrick – I can’t think of a better Catch of the Week to end the year on!

Get hooked on angling!