O’Casey’s Pike Angling Club held the 4th heat of their 2018 league on a river in Co. Monaghan at the weekend. Fishing was reasonably good with 33 fish up to 12Ib 2oz landed.
Results were as follows:

  • 1st Ronan Garrett 37Ib 8oz (7 fish)
  • 2nd Paul Reynolds 17Ib 7oz (6 fish)
  • 3rd Cillian Garrett 11Ib 4oz (7 fish)
  • 4th Chris Maguire 10Ib 12oz (4 fish)
  • 5th Fergal Bell 10Ib 4oz (2 fish)
  • 6th Johnny Brady 9Ib 13oz (2 fish)
  • 7th John Doran 5Ib 6oz (2 fish)
  • 8th Mickey Doherty 4Ib 4oz (2 fish)
  • 9th John Hoey 2Ib (1 fish)
Heaviest Fish: 12Ib 2oz caught by Ronan Garrett.
Heaviest Fish: 12Ib 2oz caught by Ronan Garrett.

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O’Casey’s Pike Angling Club is based in Co. Monaghan. The aims are to promote and develop the sport of pike fishing for all responsible anglers.
For more information see their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/caseyspike123/ or Call 087 9941600
Irish Federation of Pike Angling Clubs
The Irish Federation of Pike Angling Clubs (IFPAC) is a body representing pike anglers in Ireland, North and South.The IFPAC was founded on 17th January 1988 at a meeting held at the Ardboyne Hotel, Navan. The membership for that year stood at fifteen clubs representing six hundred anglers, today membership of IFPAC is approaching 100 affiliated clubs representing in excess of seven thousand anglers from all walks of life.