Osgur Grieve reports on fishing from the Erriff Fishery:

The following is the angling report for the Erriff from 20th – 26th June. On Wednesday 20th we had a good flood showing 1.86m on the gauge by morning. Regular visitor Kevin Clayton landed 2 ranched grilse of 3.5lbs from the Lower and Middle Garden Pools on a Park Shrimp and hooked and lost 6 more! That same day Niall Berwick fished beat 5 in the morning and released a 2lbs grilse in Broken Bridge Pool and lost another better fish, that afternoon he also lost another good fish in the Coronation Pool on Beat 8. That evening regular visitor Donal Chambers hooked and lost 7 salmon in the Falls Pool, proving it doesn’t matter what you do if the fish aren’t taking right.

On Thursday 21st Donal Chambers and Albert Caffrey had a ranched grilse each of 5.75lbs and 4.25lbs on a Stoat’s Tail green butt tube and a Willie Gunn, these grilse came from the Falls and Middle Garden Pool. With the water dropping to 0.84m by Saturday 23rd Mr. Howley fished a microtube in the Falls and had a 5.5lbs ranched grilse before lunchtime. Kevin Clayton also released a wild grilse of 3lbs on a lightly dressed Cascade that morning. By the 24th the current heatwave was really starting to slow the fishing down but Benny Weltz did manage a wild grilse of 3.25lbs from the Falls which he released.

At the time of writing the gauge is reading 0.6m and the sun is blisteringly hot, this is more like beach weather than fishing weather, but when the weather does break I would expect the fishing to really pick up.

For fishing bookings please call the fishery office on (095) 42382 or email [email protected]


Aasleagh Bridge on Beat 9
Aasleagh Bridge on Beat 9