Bangor Erris Angling reports some fantastic fishing continuing on the Carrowmore Lake as the weather remains settled…

Rory Murray about to relase one of his salmon #CPRsavesfish

01 April: 5 salmon landed today and 2 were released. Carrowmore lake regular Rory Murray landed no less than 3 spring salmon.  The hardcore crew – brothers Frank Dooley and Declan Dooley both had 1 each. They weighed 8lbs and 2 of 7lbs. We are guessing that on the back of this weekends angling despite the harsh conditions that enquiry levels will hit the roof! No rest for the wicked Seamus. No fools around these parts today except perhaps the ones that stayed at home.

10 April: As the weather gets a bit milder and the winds have settled the angling has significantly improved on Carrowmore the lake. There were 5 fish caught on Tuesdsay by C. McLean 8lbs, Baines 8lbs, P. Beirne 7.5lbs, M. Reuland 9lbs. and the master P. Foley 10 lbs

spring salmon
Martin Reuland and his 9lb. salmon

11 April: Despite the day remaining slightly cool and overcast – the conditions overall were favourable for good angling on the lake with light winds. There were many fish hooked and lost today but here are two of the lucky anglers who landed fresh Spring Salmon on the Fly. It should be noted that these fish were photographed literally the moments after they were caught and were tagged – we know that some of you will wonder…

Go fishing…

Please note that Carrowmore Lake is a Brown Tag Fishery this year.

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