Richie Ryan had a booking with a difference recently. The guide takes up the story.

In 2016 Gilbert’s Lane, a  group in from Cobh , decided to organise a Ukulele Festival in the town. The connection here is that both my wife and sister in law are members of this particular group. I know I’m biased, but they are really good and great craic too! This year “Nico and the Kapiolani Boyz “ decided to return to Cobh having enjoyed the festival so much the first time round. I was tasked with taking them for a quick fishing trip on Cork Harbour before they flew back to France. I had met the group before and really enjoyed their music and their company.

Goog and Nico from the group
Goog and Nico from the group
Goog Deschanel
Goog Deschanel
Looking for fish…

How do you catch a fish for guys who’ve barely  held a rod before ? I decided to troll for a while with 2 anglers sharing the rods on each track. A few hits at the lure but no fish. Time was short and I wasn’t able to travel too far as a result. I then resorted to casting and letting them retrieve but that didn’t work either. Things were not going well. The bonus was that the day was beautiful and I could see the group were really enjoying the scenery. An hour had passed and we hadn’t landed a fish yet. Jigging a soft plastic on the bottom was next. It’s hard to get the knack of making the lure dance and look natural on the seabed. I could see fish on the sounder at the bottom and I dropped a Black Minnow to them. Two flicks of my wrist and a pollack saved the day. The “Boyz” were seriously impressed, but it is simply down to technique, it takes a while to master though. A deadly way to catch fish , particularly bass , if you can get the right rhythm going – pardon the pun “Boyz“

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