IFI’s Paddy Halpin reports from the river Feale…

We haven’t had many anglers out on the Feale since opening day. No doubt the Catch and Release status of the river and all the floods and cold weather are having an impact. We had reports of 4 fresh Springers caught and released so far on the Feale one of which was got on the Killocrim and Finuge stretch by Stephen Prendiville on the fly and this fish was sea liced and returned.

Stephen Prendiville releases his salmon

We also got reports of a good lot of Kelts caught and these were all safely put back to continue their journey out to Sea, all these fish were very clean and had spawned. At the moment water levels are still very heavy but hopefully by the weekend we are hoping things will change and we might see a lot more anglers out for the St Patricks weekend.

Angling info for the River Feale 2019

The River Feale catchment and its tributaries (Smearlagh, Galey and Brick) are open on a Catch and Release basis for salmon and sea trout over 40cm from 1 March to 31 September 2019.

This requires the use of single and double barbless hooks and a ban on the use of prawn and worm for all fishing.

All salmon or sea trout over 40cm must be returned alive to the waters.

The national bag limit for sea trout (3 per day) applies to all other sea trout caught on the river.

Brown trout fishing is allowed subject to the use of single or double barbless hooks only and the ban on the use of worms and prawn as bait.

Go fishing…

More about the Feale

The River Feale is among the outstanding salmon and sea trout rivers of Ireland. The River rises in the mountain district of North Co Cork and flows westerly for 75 km (46 miles) through the county towns of Abbeyfeale and Listowel and enters the sea south of Ballybunion. For the final 10 kms (6 miles) of its course, it is known as the Cashen River. Throughout its meandering journey to the sea it flows through a picturesque landscape of heather bog land, fertile valleys and rolling hills. Its main tributaries, flowing from both North and South, combine to add in excess of 160 kms (100 miles) of fishable waters.

About 50% of the main River Feale and the Smearlagh River is controlled by 5 angling clubs. These clubs are some of the best angling waters and each club offers day tickets for visiting anglers.

Download: River Feale angling map – River Feale Angling Map


AbbeyFeale Anglers Association

The Abbeyfeale Anglers Club controls parts of the river between Abbeyfeale and Duagh.
Web: abbeyfealeanglersassociation.wordpress.com

North Kerry Anglers Association

North Kerry Anglers Association issues daily & weekly permits for fishing on 9 miles of the Feale & Smearlagh rivers.
Web: www.northkerryanglers.com

Killocrim/Finuge Angling Club

Killocrim/Finuge Angling Club control approximately 6.5 kms (4 miles) of water downstream of Listowel.
Web: killocrimfinugefishingclub.com

Brosna / Mountcollins Angling Club

Brosna / Mountcollins Angling Club control about 13 kms (8 miles) of double bank fishing from below the Owveg River confluence, up past Mountcollins, to within a short distance of Ahuan Bridge.
Permits are available from Brendan Danagher on +353 (0)64 663 6267

For any angling query please contact the Limerick office at [email protected] or by phone 061-300238.