Willie Roche was out with Wicklow Boat Charters last week when he caught the fish of a lifetime – a 22lb smooth hound.

Fishing with crab baits in relatively slack tides, Willie felt the slow pull of a good smoothie mouthing the bait and tightened into a powerful fish. Once attached, Willie was thankful for the slack tides as the fish took line off the reel with a series of strong runs.

When the fight was over, skipper Anthony expertly boated the smoothie, a female fish which measured 122cm on the IFI brag mat. Realising that she was exceptionally large and with a possible record for the Irish Specimen Fish Committee, Willie brought her ashore in a livewell in order to weigh her on dry land.

Willie and his 22lb smoothie

Rob McLean and Gavin Moran, who were fishing nearby, did the honours and collected both Willie and smooth hound for the journey back to Wicklow harbour. There she tipped the scales to 22lbs – a couple of pounds short of the Irish record (a 24.86lbs/11.27kgs fish caught by Dean Quigley from south Wexford in 2016) but a serious fish to land nonetheless and a specimen for the ISFC Annual Report for 2019 – congrats to Willie.

Once weighed she was released safely back to the waters of Wicklow bay from where she came. #CPRSavesFish

Released to fight another day #CPRSavesFish

This was just one of over a dozen smooth hounds caught on the day, if you’d like to go fishing with Wicklow Boat Charters for specimen smoothies, spurs, tope or any other east coast fish, details follow………

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