William Thornton reports

Moy System WE Sunday 28th April 2019

Over the past week milder weather saw an increase in angling effort with 86 salmon reported caught. Ballina Salmon Anglers reported only one fish with Gerry Seck taking a 9lbs. fish on spinner.

Knockmore Anglers reported their first two fish of season and Attymass their first with Stuart Blair, NI, taking a fish of 7lbs. on worm. On Gannon’s Fishery, Davey McKee, NI, had a fish of 10lbs. on worm. Upstream on the Cloongee Fishery, Thierry Coulm, France, had a fine fish of 10lbs. on spinner, while on East Mayo’s water, Reto Coutalides, Switzerland, caught an eleven pounder on fly. Also on the EMAA water Justin Kilos, France, had an 8lbs. fish , Gerard Portes, France, landed a 10lbs.  and Frank Sommer Germany caught and released a ten pounder, all fish were caught on fly.


Frank Sommer from Germany about to release his bar of silver from the Moy


Moy System WE Sunday 5th May 2019.

Broken weather and harsh North Easterly winds made angling conditions very difficult over the past week despite this 63 salmon were reported caught. On the Ballina Salmon Anglers’ water, Peter McHugh had a 7ls.b fish on spinner, on Gannon’s Fishery, John Marshal ,NI, Took a fish of 11.5lbs. on prawn, on Cloongee, Jez Leech, UK, had a 10lbs. salmon on worm and a twelve pounder on spinner, while Clement Polard, France, had a fish of 10lbs. on bubble and fly. On the East Mayo Anglers’ water, Frank Sommer ,Germany, had fine 14lbs. fish on fly. Other successful anglers on East Mayo included Phillippe Fonsica with an 11lbs. fish and Thomas Le Guilchet ,France, with a 7lbs. fish, both on fly.

Moy System WE Sunday 12th May 2019.

Milder weather and dropping water levels combined with an increase in visiting angler numbers saw 97 salmon reported caught across the system. Up to now, most of the fish caught were taken upstream of Foxford but over the past week lower and mid Moy Fisheries were reporting fish. On the Moy Fishery (Ridge/Weir Pools), John McKinley, Athlone, had the first fish of 9.5lbs on fly, followed by Ivor Trimble, NI, with a 7.5lbs. fish also on fly and Paul McGowan, NI, with a 4.75lbs. fish on fly.


John McKinley in a fish on the Ridge Pool


On the Cathedral Beat, Simon Leonard had the first fish of 8.5lbs. on spinner. On the Ballina Salmon Anglers’ water, David McLoughlin had a nice fish of 9.5lbs. on spinner. On Gannon’s Fishery, William Marshall, NI, had a fish of 14lbs. on prawn. The Foxford Fishery reported their first fish of the season which was taken by John Chambers. Upstream of Foxford, Karl Heinz, Germany, had a 13lbs. fish on the Foxford Salmon Anglers’ water. On Cloongee, Mathew Doyle caught & released a fish of approx 8.5lbs. on Bubble and fly, while Xavier Le Corre, France, had one of 12lbs. on spinner.


Mathew Doyle abut to release a fine Moy salmon on the Cloongee Fishery


Also on Cloongee, a party of French anglers with Thierry Coulm had 14 salmon for the week on Bubble and Fly. On the East Mayo Anglers’ water, John Gerard, UK, had a 5lbs. fish on spinner, Ivor O’Connor ,Kerry, had two at 12lbs. &13lbs. on fly, while Michael O’Kane, NI, had one at 8lbs. also on fly.