February 1st is Opening Day on a number of salmon rivers around the country, and anglers have been wetting a line on several fisheries in glorious sunshine, despite the cold. Already we have a report from the Delphi Fishery of a cracking spring salmon caught just before midday. The fish took a Collie Dog and was caught by visiting angler Mattias Eder in the Meadow Pool. The beautiful springer weighed 14lbs 3oz, and was retained as it was a fin-clipped hatchery fish (all wild salmon are released). I’m sure it will make for a fine feast at the long table in Delphi Lodge this evening!

Well done to Mattias and his guide Robert Gillespie. Hopefully this fine fish is a sign of a good spring run to come, and Delphi will be a fishery worth keeping an eye on over the next few weeks.


Mattias Eder with his magnificent spring salmon, the first fish of the season on the Delphi Fishery. The fish weighed 14lbs 3oz and took a Collie Dog fly in the Meadow Pool. Also in the photo is his guide Robert Gillespie.