William Thornton reports on the week ending Sunday 2nd June

The week got off to a slow start with low water levels but heavy rain on Thursday saw a flood come up moving fish across the system. This resulted in a big increase in angling effort for the weekend with over 350 salmon reported caught.

On the Moy Fishery, some of the successful anglers were John Ryan Tipperary (11 lbs on fly – Ridge Pool), Thomas Lohmann Germany (6.25 lbs on fly – Ridge Pool), Brian White (3 salmon on fly ranging between 4 & 10 lbs – Ridge Pool), Micheal Bothwell NI (5 salmon on fly 4 of which he released – Ridge Pool) and Norman Goldberg Germany (4 lbs on fly – Weir Pool).

Micheal Bothwell ready to release a fish on the Ridge Pool

Upstream of Ballina, Pat Gorman, Offaly, had a 7 lbs fish on prawn on Armstrong’s Fishery, while Piermen Bouchard, Switzerland, caught a 10 lbs salmon on prawn on Gannon’s. On the Foxford Fishery, Jimmy Davison, NI, had a nice 15 lbs salmon on prawn. Other successful anglers on the Foxford Fishery were Jack Sollis, UK, (9 lbs on spinner) & Uwe Steffan, Germany, (10 lbs on bubble & fly). On Cloongee, Patrice Boisadam France had two on bubble & fly, while Austrian flyangler, Martin Worz, landed a  7 lbs fish. Anglers on the East Mayo water also did well! Lother Deeg, Germany, had a nine pounder on fly, while Margaret Logue from Kildare also landed a 9 lbs fish (on worm). Fishing on Lough Conn, 11 year old Cormac Murphy had his first two salmon of 4 to 5 lbs  on the fly. Young Cormac released both his fish!

With fish now spread across the system and the numbers moving into the river on each tide increasing, prospects are looking good for the week ahead.