The week was mild, dry and bright for the most part, though the last couple of days saw some very heavy rain in places. Given the Level 3 and 4 restriction in places and the uncertainty in advance of the recent Government announcement  its’s  no surprise that less angling took place that would normally be expected for the time of year and favourable conditions…

conger eel
Biggest of the day: 190cm conger about 40lbs for Evan

Very little to report in a week that has seen the return to lockdown. Sea anglers were out and about; shore, small boat and charter boats all had some action in the last week. But we only have one report in from Cork Harbour where one boat enjoyed decent fishing over the wrecks and the day was topped off with a super specimen-sized conger eel. Evan McGovern gets Catch of the Week for his 190cm conger.

This time of year we normally expect to see plenty of reports from coarse and pike fisheries from Cork to Clare, up the Shannon and all across the midlands and north east. We’ve heard very little from our regular reporters this year, so instead we’ll give them a shout out.  Here’s to Michael Flanagan of Midlands Angling, Kevin Lyons of Melview Lodge, Maura Hughes of Church View Guest House, everyone in IFPAC and the clubs like Newbridge, Dublin and Leinster, everyone in the NCFFI and their clubs like Munster Anglers, Inniscarra TDL, Oaklands, Tulla, CM Lakelands, Sheemore, Cavan, Belturbet, Fermoy and the guys in IADA, Lough Muckno, NADA and all the others who share the news and updates from recreational anglers, competitions and festivals. Thank you. And here’s to a return to the days when we can fill the pages of the Irish Angling Update with smiling anglers with 100cm pike and good nets of roach, bream, rudd and tench.

It’s time to return your logbook and unused tags

As the salmon and sea trout season is now closed all across Ireland we’d like to remind all salmon and sea trout anglers of the importance of returning their 2020 angling logbook and unused gill tags on time. Logbook returns must be made by 19th October annually even if there is no catch recorded.

Level 5 and angling

Everyone is aware that the lockdown is in place and what it means. But here is a reminder of the measures in place for angling:

  • Guides and ghillies are not on the list of essential services
  • Charter boats are not on the list of essential services
  • Anglers must stay within 5km of their home
  • No angling events permitted
  • For more see: IFI Guidance to Anglers – Level 5 restrictions

And now the weather…

Cold wet weather ahead. Friday will see more rain and with it a risk of flooding in Atlantic counties. Saturday will start cold and very wet before becoming slightly milder with a risk of hail and thunder. Sunday will be blustery and wet again. Monday sees a slight improvement but the outlook is for unsettled conditions again from Tuesday. If you plan on going fishing dress for the weather, keep it brief and respect the 5km limit.

Safe fishing to all this weekend and tight lines, especially here in Ireland.

Myles Kelly
Catch, Photo, Release

If you have an angling story to share with the Irish Angling Update please send it to [email protected].

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