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ESB closes all its fisheries until further notice


All ESB fisheries are closed until further notice and permit sales have been suspended.

ESB fisheries include

  • River Shannon catchment,
    • Including all fisheries in the Midland Fisheries Group
      • RIVER SUCK and tributaries.
        Lough O’Flynn, Lough Acalla, Hollygrove Lake, Stonehams Lake, Lough Lung, Blacks Lake
      • RIVER INNY and tributaries.
        Lough Sheelin, Lough Owel, Lough Ennel, Lough Derravaragh, Lough Glore, Louh Kinale, Bracklough Lough Patrick, Lough Iron
      • RIVER BROSNA and tributaries.
        Ballinafid Lake, Doolin Pond, McEvoys Lake, Sheever Lake, Slevins Lake, Mount Dalton Lake, Pallas Lake
      • LITTLE BROSNA RIVER and tributaries.
        Camcor River.
      • CAMLIN RIVER and tributaries.
  • River Lee catchment,
  • River Liffey catchment,
  • Erne
  • and Assaroe Lake.

For more information see https://www.esb.ie/acting-responsibly/fisheries-2