Inland Fisheries Ireland seeks submissions for A Novice Angling Strategy

Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI), the state agency responsible for Ireland’s inland fisheries, invites submissions for a new Novice Angling Strategy- “Let’s Fish”.  During 2019 IFI began a series of consultations through Otium Leisure Consultancy with angling representative bodies, angling clubs and individuals who were both anglers and non-anglers.  The input from these consultations has informed the strategy which is aimed at increasing participation in angling.  The draft strategy- “Let’s fish” is undergoing various environmental assessments and IFI are also seeking to get input from its stakeholders. The strategy documents the main barriers that have been identified and sets out four key objectives on how its vision- “All fishing together” can be achieved over the next five years.

Let's Fish Artwork
Let’s Fish Artwork

Suzanne Campion, Head of Business Development at Inland Fisheries Ireland said: “The social and economic value of angling in Ireland is significant, over 270,000 people identify themselves as anglers. The “Let’s Fish” strategy will work to connect people to angling and the environment and make it accessible to everyone.  Angling generates €800 million into the economy on an annual basis. In IFI’s Corporate Plan for 2015-2020 a need to get more young people angling was identified. We are asking interested members of the public to submit their input into our Novice Angling Strategy.”

For any further information and details on how to make a submission please visit our website at