Salmon and Sea Trout Angling Licence for 2021 now available 

 Anglers are advised to purchase licences early to acquire them before Christmas

Inland Fisheries Ireland has reopened its Salmon and Sea Trout Angling licence sales for the 2021 season.  E-licences can now be purchased online at and will be delivered along with a logbook straight to your phone or computer. Gill tags will be dispatched by post. There is no price change for salmon and sea trout angling licences this year and licence fees will remain the same across all classes including those for juvenile anglers. Anglers are legally required to be in possession of a licence and logbook when fishing for salmon or sea trout.  Online licences must be printed off along with the logbook and in the possession of anglers while fishing.

Salmon before being released back into water
Salmon before being released back into water

For anglers who require tags on or before the 5th of January, online licences must be purchased on or before Monday, 21st of December. Alternatively, angling licences will be available to purchase in approved licence sales distributors from the end of December/ early January, the list of distributors can be found here. For those anglers who do not require tags in advance of January 5th, online licences and logbooks will be available from the online shop throughout the Christmas period.

Anglers are advised to comply with Government guidelines specific to the region in which they live and wish to travel to. IFI has published updated advice for anglers which can be found on our website. Anglers are also reminded that due to Covid 19 working arrangement for distributors and fisheries may have changed, please check before travelling.

The costs for salmon licences will remain as follows: 

  • All Districts (i.e. all Regions) Annual: €100
  • Juvenile (under the age of 18 years) All Districts Annual: €10
  • One District, Annual: €56
  • All districts, 21 Days: €40
  • All districts, 1 Day: €20
  • Foyle Area Extension: €80

Funds generated from the sale of salmon angling and commercial fishing licences provide revenue for the Salmon and Sea Trout Rehabilitation, Conservation, and Protection Fund. The fund, which represents a major contribution by licence holders to wild salmon and sea trout conservation, is reinvested to promote the recovery of salmon and sea trout stocks and habitats around the country.

Inland Fisheries Ireland would like to remind all salmon and sea trout anglers to return their 2020 angling logbook and unused gill tags as soon as possible, even if there is no catch recorded. Anglers are asked to make the return via the business return envelope which was supplied at the time of license purchase.  In the absence of the prepaid logbook return envelope, anglers can return their completed logbook and unused tags to the Inland Fisheries Ireland office address on their licence/logbook.  These returns will provide vital information regarding the status and management of our wild Atlantic salmon and sea trout stocks for the future.