W/E SUNDAY 26th JULY 2020

A great run of fish in the Blackwater throughout the catchment from bottom to top. Fish size is varied with grilse 2 to 3 kgs but some large fish also in the mix. Salmon are back as far as the Millstreet Beats and some stakeholders and anglers have said they haven’t seen as much fish in 10 years in those areas.  Trout fishing has slowed down a bit but is still ok on the main channel also and staff are meeting good numbers of anglers. The forecasted rain will shake things up to help the journey to the upper reaches once we don’t get too much of it!

munster blackwater salmon
Sarah Healy poses with here salmon before the release #CPRsavesfish


Salmon are reported as far back as Millstreet in great numbers and the team have reported seeing some beautiful fish on their travels throughout the District, with reports of large volumes of fish moving through all beats and a lot of angler activity. Between Fermoy and Cappoquin, the increased water- levels have hindered fishing in these areas and more unsettled weather is forecasted for the first days of August. The fishing should get interesting when it settles down then in these areas but overall an abundance of Salmon present. Trout fishing has slowed down being the only negative.