On Monday 27th after overnight rain the river rose almost 3 feet, late in the evening as the river dropped and cleared 8 grilse ranging from 4-6lb were caught by Club anglers, mainly spinning due to the high water.

On the Tuesday and Wednesday the river was in great condition with 25 grilse in the 3-7lb range caught on fly, worm and spinner with two club anglers catching 5 grilse each on the Tuesday.

On the Thursday the river would remain mainly unfishable due to heavy rain with the river rising 5 feet.

On the Friday four club anglers had 6 salmon between them early on Friday morning before the river rose once again after early morning rain leaving it unfishable for most of the day but 3 more fish were reported caught in the late evening on spinner as the river cleared with the best being 9lb.

Over the weekend the river was in great condition with a great run of grilse. On Saturday alone 25 grilse ranging from 3-8lb were reported caught on club water with juvenile member Amy O’Brien catching 2 grilse in the 4lb range. On the Sunday 7 salmon were reported caught, the best fish just over 17lb caught by a club members fishing the middle of the river.

Hopefully with the exceptional run of fish this year we will see an improvement on the number of late (blackberry) fish returning to our rivers as these fish have for the most part being absent in recent years.

ilen in flood
Ilen in flood