Blue Shark Angling Galway have been getting some great success this last week on the shark front – porbeagles being the elasmobranch species of choice!
John Fleming reports that Monday was one tough day at sea for the Brazen Hussy II with bait being near impossible to get for a start! John moved inshore to cover an area he wanted to fish in a long drift and there they found plenty of pollock, coalies, haddock and mackerel as well.
When they eventually had enough bait, John headed to the porbeagle mark he had planned on hitting and with strong tides going directly against the wind the drift was all over the place and slow.
He decided to tow the dubby barrel out to a slightly deeper part of the reef and what happened after that was bedlam!! As soon as he started drifting the anglers were into the shark and Alan Martin had his first porgie which was put back immediately after a great fight and a few photos.
A porbeagle ready for tagging and release
Literally as soon as they had the fish was back in the water, Paul had reset his line and was straight into another porgie. Again, after a savage fight, the fish was landed, another nice beagle and a first one for Paul.
Second fish of the day!
Then it was the turn of John Harrington who in true fashion made it interesting when his real gave up! After a minute or two of pondering and panicking, skipper John joined his mainline to another rod and John H went to work cranking to get a good hold of his line onto the reel so as not to pull all the rod eyes out if the fish ran. John landed this fish – another nice beagle – and just like that it was all over! Unfortunately for Keith Murphy it wasn’t his day and the fourth beagle never came for him, but as he said, another day…
Last but not least
Blue Shark Angling Galway have had some good sport with the porgies in the last week with a number of fish tagged as part of the Marine Sportfish Tagging Programme.

Go fishing…

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A regular day is between 9am- 6pm from either Rossaveal, Spiddal or Galway depending on species being sought after. Fishing on the inshore reefs for pollock, cod, ling, wrasse, conger eel and mackerel can be reached in 10 minutes from departure, while our offshore reef marks are within 45 minutes of departure. Our ground fishing for tope, spurdog, ray, bullhuss, turbot, plaice and the giant common skate can all be reached within the hour which ensures the most amount of time is spent fishing.
The shark season usually starts at the end of June and runs into late October, this is the ultimate angling adrenaline rush with these hard fighting blue and porbeagle sharks all being tagged and released safely.
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