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Reliving childhood memories on the Bunowen


Jermey Ryan reports on a visit to the Bunowen where a childhood memory was relived and revived…

Recently myself and my partner Louise travelled to Ahascragh, Co. Galway to visit her family and to explore Louise’s ancestral home.  Louise first learned to fish at the side of her late uncle Richard Lewis as a small girl on the beautiful Bunowen River.  So when a free hour presented itself we took to the riverbank; me armed with my fly rod and Louise armed with her inheritance of local knowledge.  For Louise, no method would suffice but for the one set down by Richard all those years ago.  A single split shot, a single hook and a single fresh worm cast beneath a single overhanging ash tree.

After twenty minutes a stunning (but quite frankly, very annoyed at the interruption) 2lb trout [in sprit anyway – Ed] was duly hooked, duly played and duly banked and many a glass was raised to the memory of Richard over the course of the evening.

Louise Courtney and trout
Happy angler and the said annoyed fish.  Neither are any worse for the encounter.