It’s that time of year again, and with travel restrictions relaxed, Corrib was much busier this week. Just in time for the annual mayfly hatch too. Good fishing has been reported from the lake this week, with fish taking wetfly, nymphs, dry fly and buzzer at times. Olives are also hatching off, so while fish in one area may be taking mayfly, elsewhere they may refuse all offerings that don’t resemble an olive.

Unfortunately, we have few reports in from fly anglers. Ferox fishing has been very productive also, however, and guide Tomi Kurman has been enjoying more good fishing. While not taking guests until June (, he has been fishing with friends and putting in the hours.

A magnificent 78cm trout, that weighed 13lbs 12oz, for Paolo

The fish above was one of the rewards, surely one of the best-conditioned trout we have ever featured. At 78cms long, it weighed an incredible 13lbs 12oz, a fine catch for Paolo.

We will hopefully be getting out and enjoying  bit of mayfly fishing ourselves soon, but in the meantime, we would welcome any reports and photos from anglers and service providers. All reports can be sent to [email protected]