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Another exciting week for Killybegs Mariners Sac


Members of Killybegs Mariners Sac had another week of excellent shore and rock fishing catching a multitude of different species ranging from bass, sea trout and flats to fine wrasse and even some mini species. See their report below…

“A nice mix of species on the go for the Mariners crew out and about in decent weather with a mix of sea trout and flounders for Charlie and Christopher. Some fine bass for John and Johnny on the lures on the local reef plus some mini species like tompot and common blennys for Cormac at the pier”

“Nothing like the summer lure fishing sessions! Spur of the moment grab the lure rod and bag of soft plastics, hard plastics, rubber eels, shads, bass lures etc. all light and ready to go at the drop of a hat.

Walking down the field to the rocks and the coconut smells of the whins in bloom is always a great feeling and we now have pollack and wrasse showing in good numbers and actively chasing lures in full attack mode with the bay full of bait food.

Good sport enjoying the catch and release fishing on the same marks we fished for years and you can remember fish that were caught from years back and nice to see them still producing”

Mariners sea angling club Killybegs Co Donegal. The club runs a shore league and boat competitions and angling trips around Ireland doing the sport we love. Get in touch at www.facebook.com/mariner.sac