Drowes water levels rose to 0.77m over the past week and is falling nicely now giving excellent water levels. The run of fresh fish is well underway and there have been at least 4 salmon caught in the past week.

On the 16th Joe Broderick caught and released a fish of around 5lb from the Perch Pool.

Joe Broderick and the release

On St. Patrick’s day, Matt Ahern recorded a salmon of around 8lb caught on a spinner from the Wash Stones and Eoin McManus caught and released a fish of similar weight from the Old Sea Pool.

Eoin McManus – March21
Eoin releases his fish

The forecast for the coming week is for dry weather and conditions will be very good for those lucky enough to live within 5km of the river.

For info/bookings etc. on the Drowes Fishery & Lough Melvin see

http://www.drowessalmonfishery.com/ or Tel: 071 9841055 (8am to 12 noon).