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Kelpy cod and powerful pollack in Cork Harbour

Con Murphy of Cappoquin with a powerful pollack

A report from saltwater fly fishing guide Richie Ryan detailing his recent experiences fishing in Cork Harbour deserves mention this week:

There is good pollack fishing aboard Sea Hawk at the moment while chucking fluff! Currently, pun intended, sea temperatures have the bass in sulking mode but the ever reliable pollack are obliging as always. The very underrated sport of hooking and landing pollack on a  fly is a thrill to be savoured by all ages. Youngsters can partake where we cheat a little bit by putting the fly in the water and letting the wind and current do the rest. There is a most unusual sensation pulsed through the line whilst a pollack is trying to suck the fly into its mouth. The smallest inquiry, thanks Dr. Jacques Bronkhorst for the appropriate word, can be a 6lb mass of muscle ready to test your angling skills. If you don’t control the fish he will head for the weed and it’s extremely difficult to dislodge him.

Andre Passberger from Germany
Andre Passberger from Germany with another fine pollack

Whilst fly fishing for pollack there can be the odd surprise. Having lost one of my favourite people recently, Commander Rory Costello, he came to mind as I headed out guiding the morning after his funeral. I thought of this angler who loved his cod and asked him to send me a decent one that morning. One of the last times we met I had given him some nice fresh cod. As can be seen from the photo, Rory obliged, a fine kelpy specimen for me. The first one I’ve landed this year on the fly! Coincidence or divine intervention? I’m not sure!

Richie’s ‘kelpy’ cod


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