This report in from the Irish Kayak Angling Club as one of their own hauls up his kayak from Irish waters for the last time (for now anyway)…

What a final day’s fishing just off the Waterford coastline for Cork’s finest, Pat Gill, before he relocates lock, stock and barrel to sunny Tanzania (due to work). We fished for approximately 8hrs in a slight easterly breeze with a bit of drizzle but that didn’t stop the paddlers from connecting with fish straight away; flatties, mackerel, pollock and good size gurnards all fell to mackerel and crab baits on running ledger rigs for Pat and the kayak crew.

A flattie

Conversation turned to the African species he hopes to target once the new venture of constructing units for “old folks” in Africa begins. Tiger fish are definitely on the catch list, but as long as the hippos stay away Pat will be happy! “What about the crocs Pat?” – “what about them!!” was the response.

Other fish to the kayak on the day included the trusty dogfish, scad, poor cod, whiting and then a stunning triggerfish took the crab bait – a first for Pat. Hopefully taking up stock in Tanzania in early 2022 will test his knowledge against all sorts of new fish species. There were rumours of smoothhound in the area, but on this occasion none appeared. Perhaps if Pat ever returns, we can have another go!

Pat’s trigger fish

He has a buyer lined up for his kayak already so if he does come back for a cast at some stage, he’ll need to beg, borrow or steal one.

All the best Pat and tight lines in Tanzania.