It’s that time of year when the salmon and trout anglers, particularly the fly fishermen and women, go into a decline about the end of their season.

Richie Ryan knows this pain, and equally he knows just how good it feels to be able to extend the fishing season. “IFI came up with a brilliant idea a few years ago to extend the salmon season on the Blackwater. It was on a catch and release basis only. Personally I benefited from the decision and felt a tinge of sheer glee to be on the river when others around the country weren’t allowed to wet a line.”

Extending the salmon and trout season is unlikely to be a runner at this time, so what else can be done? Luckily the EireBass guide has the answer to you problems “I have a solution to your dilemma. Why not switch to saltwater fly fishing or any type of sea angling. Charter skippers are still operating and happy to take out these disappointed and melancholy anglers. Fly fishing, bait, soft plastics. Tuna, conger… you name it, are all still available. Weather permitting of course. I have found from experience that some of the best Bass and Pollack fly fishing can be had in October/November. The fish are bulking up for the winter and can make for spectacular sport with aggressive takes and lunges which tests our equipment to the limit.”

“So come on and extend your angling fun by booking a charter skipper for a new adventure. I guarantee you, you will enjoy it. Covid has played heck with our lives. Enjoy a break by or on the sea. Your season does not have to end in September. An autumn break works out cheaper remember, and you can actually book somewhere as there will be availability and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg! And of course it doesn’t have to be fly fishing, but you could always give it a try. You don’t have to be able to cast, we’ll cheat a little bit. When you’re “hooked” you can learn how to cast a fly rod. You have the whole winter to master the art. The following are some of the qualified fly fishing instructors, why not extend their season too!

Richie Ryan
Saltwater fly fishing Guide.

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