Wild Atlantic Bass

Vincent Corrigan from Wild Atlantic Lure Fishing specialises in lure fishing for bass, pollack and wrasse. He made the most of the lifting of travel restrictions last week, heading down the coast for first light and high tide on Wednesday morning. Being an early riser is essential!

Fishing a 17g shallow diving jerk bait, he was into a beautiful 60cm bass after only a few casts. Check out the video here, with a nice release at the end. Catch-Photo-Release is a big priority for bass anglers these days #CPRSavesLives

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Returning to the same mark the following morning, he was quickly into another small bass, but it came off at his feet. However, he lnded a nice schoolie just a few casts later, again on the 17g shallow jerk bait.

Lure fishing produced this bass from a Wild Atlantic Way mark
A nice spiky-finned school bass



On Friday morning he decided on a change of scenery, and species, and headed to a mark near the mouth of Galway Bay. Lure fishing for pollack was the aim. Plenty of sand eel in the water was a good sign. The lure this time was a 4” Gulp Swimming Mullet on a 21g www.jigheads.ie shad head

Casting out over very snaggy ledges produced 7 “junior” pollack. 4 dropped off but he landed 3 in quick succession. Check out the video where he is into fish on his very first cast!


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Go Fishing – Wild Atlantic Lure Fishing

Vincent will be offering one on one guided rock fishing from summer, mainly for wrasse and pollack, and all within 1 hour of Galway city. I have fished with him myself, and can vouch for his knowledge of tackle, tactics and species.

Contact [email protected] for more info.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wildatlanticlurefishing
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wildatlanticlurefishing/
Youtube: www.lurefishing.ie

Vincent also has an online shop with a range of hooks, jigheads, shads for lure angling. Check it out at www.jigheads.ie