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Fishing fit for a King – trout on a variety of flies


Dan O’Neill reports from the Kings River…

With the promise of some warm days I decided to try something a little different than euro nymphing. Packing both a wet fly rod and dry dropper rod it was off to the Kings River again. The Nore on the stretch I fish is just about right now so I am hoping that my next report will be of a day on the Nore. Anyway, for now it’s back to the Kings. I tied some nymphs the night before my trip to use for my dry dropper set up. I decided to stay with the olive patterns on various sized hooks / beads. When it comes to the tying of wet flies I am currently an apprentice so for this outing I had to rely on Pat to tie me a couple of wets to try out.

brown trout nore
A lovely Kings River trout

I had a good idea where I was headed on the river so headed straight there. I was starting with the dry dropper, so I put on one of last night’s creations which was an olive biot nymph which I’m sure a lot of you have used / tied before. I waited a little longer than previous sessions for my first trout but nonetheless I got one to the net. Some trout did follow but little hungry and inquisitive salmon smolts began taking my nymph. After having four casts resulting in four salmon smolts it was time for a sandwich then a re – route.

Moving to the next spot I had a few casts again smolts were hitting the nymph with a scattering of 20-25cm trout.

brown trout nore
Another lovely trout from the Kings River

Now it was time to try out Pats trusty wets. I am quite new to wet fly fishing. I have done a little in the past and of course at a young age fired a bubble and fly into some of the fast paced water of the River Barrow. Tying on my leader and a couple of wets I began fishing them. About 6 or 7 casts in I got a solid pull which I lifted into. Oonly to see a trout about half a pound leap into the air. Half shocked I played the fish in the strong current took a quick photo and set him on his way. Walking down a little I had some more trout perhaps 15-20cm all on the same wet. I did have a couple of good sized trout which gave a good run around.

I had a great time with wet flies . I’ve had 2 trips since the last report and had some lovely trout. I have also seen plenty of salmon smolts about which is great, but it really is important to release these delicate fish with as little handling as possible. And if you meet more than one consider resting the pool for a while or finding another stretch to fish.

Olive goose biot nymph

Olive biot nymph
Olive biot nymph
  • Size 16 dohiku jighead hook
  • 2.5mm gold slotted tungsten bead
  • Piscari fly Kevlar thread
  • Coq de Leon tail
  • Olive goose biot body
  • Olive seals fur thorax

Wet fly

Wet fly
  • Size 14 dohiku 301
  • Olive 8/0 72d uni thread
  • Gold rib
  • Piscari fly green glass bead
  • Red hen cape hackle
  • Olive seals fur dubbing ( behind glass bead )

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Dan O’Neill
Mount Juliet Estate.

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