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Slow week on Conn & Cullin

Peter Roche released this 5 lbs. trout caught on Dry Mosley Mayfly in Victoria Bay

Kevin O’Boyle reports from Loughs Conn & Cullin…

A very slow week on the lakes which is typical for this time of year. Most trout were caught on dry fly given the conditions. A party of 4 anglers from Cork had some challenging fishing in North Conn. Fishing around the islands produced 6 trout to the boat, the best weighing 2 lbs. All fish were caught on dry bumbles and hoppers. They had a few rises too with all trout released.

Father & son, Dick and Stephen Blake from Dublin had 4 trout in one day and a few rises, all to the Sunburst International Dabbler while they had a few more sizeable trout over the next few days. All fish were released, and the best weighed 1.5 lbs. They concentrated on Tolan’s Bay and around the River Deel area.

Stephen Blake from Dublin had a few trout on this fly, a Sunburst International Dabbler

In south Conn, Peter Roche had a good trout for 5 lbs. on a dry Mosley Mayfly in deep water off Victoria Bay, the best trout he ever had on the lough.