Round two of the C/M Lakelands winter feeder league was held on a cool and windy Lough Muckno.

Twenty nine anglers fished and, as expected, fishing was hard. Thankfully there were still plenty of small roach about, especially on the South Lodge and White Island sections, and these roach, along with hybrids, made up the winning weights. Joe Nolan won the match with a 3kg plus bag of hybrids and roach while Andy Chapman won the South Lodge end with another 3kg weight of roach, closely followed by Irish feeder international James O’Doherty who had just under 3kg. Robertas Zilaitis made up the top 4.

There are still 4 rounds left, and the league will recommence after the Christmas break. It is looking good so far for Graham Worley, who has a perfect score of 2 , closely followed by James O’Doherty,  Robertas and Alan Larkin. The Top eight will be paid out overall,  with just over €2,000 in the kitty so far.


  • 1ST JOE NOLAN 3.290KG

The club have also announced the dates for the 2023 edition of the Ireland’s FeederKing series of events. With an expected total pot of €12,000, places will be in demand – so make sure to book on early!

Ireland’s FeederKing Dates:
  • Q1 Lough Gowna – April 2nd.
  • Q2 Lough Erne, Enniskillen – May 6th.
  • Q3 RIVER Suck, Donamon – May 14th.
  • Q4 Lough Scur/Kiltybarden – June 18th.
  • Q5 Gulladoo/Rockfeild/TBA – July 16th.
  • Q6 Lough Muckno – July 22nd.
  • Q7 Lough Muckno – August 13th
  • Q8 Lough Sillan/Annaherrin – Sept 2nd.
GRAND FINAL: Lough Sillan, September 23rd/24th.
Details and purchase of tickets in Early January 2023.

Lough Muckno