James Quinn updated us this week with how th Galway Fishery has fished through May and the early part of June.

May saw 48 fish landed on the fishery, including 18 on fly and 21 on prawn. Of these, 17 were spring salmon with an average weight of 11lbs.

The heaviest fish was landed by Martin Kiely  – 14lbs on spinner. Martin also had a 13.5lb fish on fly on another day!

The first week in June saw 64 fish landed, predominantly grilse with the odd springer up to 10.5lbs. A few young anglers were also getting hooked this week.

Daire White (age 12) from Dublin caught his first salmon of 4lbs on shrimp while his proud uncle landed and released a 6lbs fish on fly. Another young man,  Adam Trimble from NI caught a 4lbs fish to the fly.

Then we have the “professionals”, including Eddie Corry with a 10.5lbs springer on fly. Kevin Mitchell from Galway had fish of 3.5lbs and 9.5lbs on fly. Ray Drennan landed 2 fish to 6.5lbs on fly.

Musician Enda Scahill of “We Banjo 3” fame landed 2 to 5.5lbs on fly.

Veteran angler Michael Leonard is back with a bang landing a nice 5lbs fish on fly, after a cracking 15lbs fish from the Clare river earlier on in the season. Another local angler Denis Heffernan landed 2 for 4lbs each on prawn.

Dr Paddy Gargan, now with more time on his hands after an illustrious career in fisheries caught 2 to 6lbs  on fly, fish beware!!

Andy Smith from Dublin had a pair of nice fish of 4 and 5lbs on prawn. Jim Wilson had 3 fish to 5lbs on fly, including 2 released. Henry Cosgrove had 4 fish to 5.5lbs on a good day’s fishing (2 fish sportingly released). Finally Louis Brennan had 2 for 4 and 3lbs on prawn.

Thanks James. Sounds like the grilse are running in Galway, and a drop of rain should get them moving upstream too.

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