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Low water impacts a number of fisheries on the Moy


Kevin O’Boyle reports on the week’s fishing on the Moy system:

19 Salmon were caught throughout the River Moy this week. Eight more were caught on Lough Conn, two at Pontoon and six elsewhere throughout the lake.

Water levels were extremely low for the time of year, with the reading at Ballylahan Bridge on Monday morning showing 0.379m. Heavy rain on Saturday evening rose the water to 0.511m. Water temperatures for the week averaged 9.6˚celsius.

Eddie Manthrope, N.I., with a 11.5 lb salmon caught on bubble & fly in Foxford Fishery

The Ridge Pool produced no fish for the week, but on a positive note, two salmon were lost by anglers on Sunday. Ballina Salmon Anglers also produced no fish for the week, but two anglers lost two salmon on Sunday morning. Armstrong Fishery produced one salmon for the week for just over 9 lbs on a spoon by a Northern Irish angler. Foxford Fishery had three salmon for the week, mostly on spinners and bubble & fly. Rinnaney waters run by Foxford Salmon Anglers had 3 Salmon for the week. Baker’s, also run by Foxford Anglers, had six salmon, best for 10 lbs, all on spoons. East Mayo Anglers produced six salmon with one released. They were caught on a mix of spoons, worm and fly, biggest fish was 9lbs.

Two salmon were caught on prawn at Pontoon Bridge shoreline, while four more were caught trolling near the River Deel and Massbrook area. Two more were caught while trout fishing on bumbles, best 13 lbs.