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Much needed rain gets things moving on Currane


Vincent Appleby reports on the week’s fishing on the Waterville System:

22/6/2022 The Waterville Fishery was quiet on all fronts this day as the sun blazed down. Wind NNE first thing this morning then veered North, come afternoon the wind veered into the NW light, max speed 10 mph.

23/6/2022 Lough Currane anglers were all quiet on all fronts and  the Waterville fishery badly needs a good flood. With any luck our prayers may be answered going by the forecast? Wind light to calm with good cloud cover in the morning and come afternoon bright and sunny.

24/6/2022 At last the Waterville Fishery gets a good flood this day. For the Currane anglers and their manipulations, it was all quiet on all fronts. Just for the record will give more on the flood in tomorrow’s notes. NW fresh average speed was 21 mph with gusts up to 33mph.

25/6/2022 I will start today’s notes on Lough Currane where there was some great action in the fly department, renowned Currane angler Mr. Brian O’Rorke caught a fine 6 lbs. Grilse and finished his day off with 3 fine Sea Trout, while fishing with his Ghillie. Now we head for the trolling department, renowned Currane Fly angler Mr. Tommy Duggan of Kilkenny, decided to troll across to the fly-fishing department with his Ghillie and in doing so caught a 5 lbs. Grilse. Now as promised we head for fake news? and for VNN fake news and yes it did make a good flood but as you can see by the pictures, they say fake news, so on that note how much rain did fall, well you would be amazed, Valentia Observatory recorded 41.6mm of rainfall, so that tells how much the land took and staying with the weather again it rained all today so eventually, we got our flood. Wind W and veered WSW fresh to strong, average speed 25 mph gusts up to 38 mph. and raining all day.

To flood or not to flood…?

26/6/2022 All the Salmon and Sea Trout headlines go to Fly Currane angler Mr. Tom Nugent of Kilkenny and for good reason while fly fishing with his Ghillie, caught a fine 2lbs Sea Trout and finished his day off with a fine Grilse on the troll. Just for the record, it was reported that there were a few Anglers on the Commeragh but no reports on their efforts. Now we head across to the Inny and there was one angler fishing hard but caught nothing when I passed by. Wind fresh to strong NW average speed 20mph. Gusts up to 32 mph. followed by showers.

27/6/2022 The Currane anglers were all quiet on all fronts this day. Wind WSW and very variable, average speed 25 mph. gusts up to 39 mph. Just for the record Kerry is on a yellow warning.

28/6/2022 Another flood hits the Waterville Fishery early this morning and in the words of the Lonesome Boatman and at www.fishingwithdom.com and I quote, filthy and rising mad and dirty out as far as the Sister’s, as you can see by the videos, that sums up today manipulations. So on that note we head for the Currane anglers view on his fishing trip to Waterville, so take it away Brian the stage is yours.

Hi! I’m the latest “Renowned Currane angler” on Vincent Appleby’s Post!! I’d just like to say, what a great weekend we had just now, despite the weather!! Frank n Anne Donnelly were our hosts at Lakelands; Frank took me fishing into Copal Bay, I’m afraid to no avail on Sunday, but The Shy Man was my star for the weekend – took me out twice, but Saturday was the highlight in that I caught my 1st salmon in 50 years on the fly!! In Commeragh Bay I rose one v early on, possibly the same one, then went on to catch a coupla nice sea trout!! Went back over the same water as earlier and, bang he was on!! The Shy Man rowed furiously out into the bay and we successfully landed the nice 6LBs grilse, 10 mins later!! A great day!! We were entertained gracefully in the Lobster Bar on two nights – the Lobster and crab dishes were ‘par excellence!’!! The Guinness flowed as did the serenading efforts of one of our group (he shall be nameless)!!!

It was probably my best fishing trip in my 30 years travelling to Waterville, having been a dapper for most of those, my esteemed hosts and ghillies have been persuading me to master the art of salmon fishing, so I have now come of age, I feel!! Hopefully there’ll be plenty more!!

Thanx again to the Donnelly’s, the Hughes’s and of course to ‘The Shy Man!’ AND of course, to Waterville! We’ll be back down in September, pg!! B.