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21/4/2022 Nice to see a few boats out this day but sadly their lines stayed slack and believe it or not. It made a nice flood early this morning and there was a fine current in the Mouth of Commeragh, followed by a nice light to fresh SE wind with good cloud cover. Even though the conditions were in favour of the angler, the Wild Atlantic Salmon stayed deep. Now back to yesterday, I failed to report that there was a fine C&R 3 lbs Sea Trout caught by Currane Angler Mr. Timm Van DER Lean of Holland, just for the record Timm caught his fine Sea Trout on the troll while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Terence Wharton Snr. My apologies again to Timm and his Gillie Terence for miserably failing in my duties in reporting their fine Sea Trout. Now we head for the RTE archives and it’s a mighty cracker of the old days and we can all learn from these words of wisdom.

22/4/2022 Good fishing conditions this day with a nice wind again from the SE. Sadly there were no takers in the fly department but the same could not be said in the trolling department there was a great C&R of a Salmon in the 10 lbs class by a Currane client and his Gillie.

23/4/2022 All Salmon headlines go to Canadian Currane angler Mr. Dan Benvenuti and for good reason. While fishing out of Waterville Boats and at [email protected]  caught and released a fine Salmon on the troll. For the rest of the Currane anglers it was all quiet on all fronts. On the weather front, there was bright sunshine all day, wind ENE light.

24/4/2022 Just a few boats out this day and for all their efforts their lines stayed slack in all departments. Wind E and come afternoon veered WSW light with good cloud cover.

25/4/2022 Currane anglers were all quiet on all fronts this day in all departments. Just for the record there were five boats out. Wind SE light to fresh with reasonable cloud cover.

26/4/2022 Lough Currane was all quiet on all fronts and that includes the Currane anglers, sadly nowhere to be seen on the Currane waters. Wind SSE light and variable, bright and sunny but with reasonable cloud cover at times.

27/4/2022 All quiet on the SW front in all departments this day. Wind SE light to fresh, mainly bright and sunny but at times there was good cloud cover.

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The rivers and lakes of Waterville drain a large catchment and are regarded by many as the foremost Salmon and Sea-Trout fishery in the country. The lake system is well developed with access to boats and guides being readily available to the tourist angler. The Sea-Trout caught here are renowned for their size and quantity. For more details see: