After a long wait, we are delighted to report that the bluefin tuna season has kicked off in style, with two boats registering a fish in the past 24 hours. All bluefin tuna fishing in Ireland is done as part of the Tuna CHART project, and they are tagged and released so that the movements of these great fish can be monitored.

Killybegs Fishing Trips had their first day out on the water chasing bluefin and got off to a great start with a few close hook-ups and a lovely fish of 600lb caught, tagged and released.

In the heat of the battle…

Not to be outdone, anglers on also managed their first of the season, catching, tagging and releasing a fish of circa 500lbs

It’s great to see these superb fish arrive back on our coasts and let’s hope this season is a successful one with many more tuna tagged and released.