West Cork Fisher, Jeremy Smith, who usually targets bass along the Cork coast is giving all his attention to gilthead bream recently…

Had a  beautiful day in Ring, West Cork at the weekend. I had some screaming gilthead runs and saw a big fat 8lb bass landed at the bottom of the tide. There were also a few 30 to 40 cm bass around but the water is definitely warmer and the whitethorn is out. Don’t cast for trout till Mayflower is out is an old saying. Well, that rings true for bass. Not sure about trout but other species are on the move. Just hope the fair weather continues –  Gilthead fever is upon me. I even have a new fork for digging lugs. There’s no stopping me now!

Met a great chap called Eoin, the fishery officer, and signed up for the IMREC diary so hopefully I can fill it with catches, not just blank days.