28 anglers for South Shore SAC had an early start last weekend as they decamped to Arklow beach for their latest club competition. They were greeted by a stiff south-easterly wind blowing up the beach, which meant that anglers were chilled to the bone, but at least they were spared the rain that had been forecast. Known for its abundance of whiting (aka ‘piranhas’) at this time of year, anglers expected the fishing to be fast and furious. So there were many furrowed brows and puzzled looks as cast after cast came back fishless.

Cold weather didn’t dampen the spirits of South Shore SAC

After a couple of hours of ‘nothing happening’ the tide turned, and suddenly the whiting flooded back into swims and for the next while it was a real blitz, with treble shots of whiting rolling in on the waves before they suddenly disappeared again. For a full report see the South Shore SAC Facebook page.

‘Piranhas’, late to arrive, but plentiful when they did

Results as follows: