Streamer fishing is a branch of flyfishing that is gaining in popularity in Ireland, due in no small part to the guys at Impact Fly Fishing, who are evangelical when it comes to streamers! Streamers often pick out the bigger trout, and are just as good for salmon. Check out this springwer that Keith McDonnell from Impact caught recently.

For anyone thinking about trying streamer fishing, Impact have published a brilliant introduction post on their blog, with everything you need to know to get started.

Starting with the most important element, the fly, the post is full of great information on the tackle, techniques, setup and watercraft you will need for successful streamer fishing.

An olive woolly bugger from Impact

So if you’re thinking of trying a new technique, one that will definitely get you on those bigger fish, maybe even a specimen, check out the post here.

The Ultimate guide to Streamer Fishing for Trout – Impact Fly Fishing