Dan O’Neill, fishery manager at Mount Juliet, reports from the River Nore…

With some great weather on Saturday it looked like an evening of dry fly was on the cards. A mix of being eager and impatient meant I arrived a little earlier than intended. Looking at the river it looked, or rather it was, perfect; a haze of flies dancing behind most of the overhanging sally trees. And looking down along the flat water there was plenty of action…

Catch and release
A trout is released

I find myself going to places I don’t believe to be fished that often. I don’t know whether access is an issue or maybe the slow calm water are intimidating to some. I read recently of a club in America called the “22 club”. To be in the club you must catch a 22 inch trout on a size 22 hook. With my box full of size 22 offerings I went in search of a good sized fish. I did however change the rules a little and made it a 22cm fish on a 22 hook.

Watching the water and searching for nice features that looked fishy I entered the water. I had chosen dry dropper to start with, until thing got a little more active. It wasn’t long before I met a trout on my olive nymph. It was great sport in the calm waters, watching the buttery gold flash under the water never gets tiring. The trout seemed very energetic and healthy which is always very pleasing to see. Returning all fish safely, watching them swim away is also very pleasing to see and an important practice,

Water Level and Temperature at time of fishing
Water Level  .34 cm
Water Temp  15.5°C

Guided fishing

Taking bookings now for guided trips on the River Nore. Anyone wishing to practice a particular technique for trout or learn more about leader setups etc. Full and Half days available, contact me for more information.

Dan O’Neill
Mount Juliet

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Mount Juliet has trout and salmon fishing available on site over 2.5 miles of the river Nore. Classes also available for every skill level – learn or improve on your chosen technique. coarse fish ponds also available on the hotel grounds.

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General Information

The river Nore is a beautiful river that meanders it way through counties Laois and Kilkenny before joining with its sister river the Barrow just upstream of New Ross on its way to the sea. For further information on the Nore please visit:

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