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Inny bronze for euro nympher Gintaras


Fly angler Gintaras Vosylius from Longford got more than he bargained for last week as he fished his euro nymph in fast water on the River Inny in search of trout. While wading carefully and working his flies through a pool, he detected the take of a fish and struck into something that was solid and fought well, staying deep in the strong current. Taking great care not to lose the good fish, Gintaras eased it into calmer waters and readied his net. When the fish finally came to the surface he got a great surprise when, instead of a golden trout, he saw a bronze bream which was 50cm long!

After a quick photo of his unusual catch, Gintaras helped the fish to recover, released it back into the flow and carried on in search of golden trout, although he’d have been just as happy with more of these bronze beauties.

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