This report from the organisers of the Lough Derg Predator Challenge:

The 4th edition of Lough Derg Predator Challenge 2023 took place on Sunday 28th of May on mighty Lough Derg.

A total of 35 teams, with 2 anglers per boat, registered for this competition – so 70 anglers fished. Included in the seventy competitors were three female anglers and two juniors accompanied by their fathers (we’re really happy to see this!)


All teams were present at the check in before 9am and received everything they needed to be able to fish in the event!

Start was given at the entrance of the lake exactly at 9am, when the boats scattered around the lake hoping to catch longest 3 fish on the day (Pike-Perch-Trout) to win the competition.

With the fantastic weather Ireland got over the last few days (not necessary good for predator fish) everyone knew it will be hard – but nobody gave up until the 5pm finishing time.

During the day anglers managed to catch and release 117 fish above the minimum limit for each species and upload them on a mobile phone app provided by FishDonkey used for this event to receive the results in real time!

After 5pm … and after double check the results from all teams we managed to see the winning teams.

Results for Lough Derg Predator Challenge 2023

  • First Place – Team “Disco Pike T&J” 372cm 3 fish + Bonus – Trophies and cash prize
  • Second Place – Team “The Snipers” 306cm 3 fish – Trophies plus cash prize
  • Third Place – Team “IrishFishingTours” 277cm 3 fish – Trophies and cash prize
  • Longest Fish Team “Becia&Marcin”     Pike 107cm Trophy and cash prize

Before the prize giving everyone stayed for it had some well-deserved finger food, pizza and chicken wings provided by Flanagan’s on the Lake supported by Baracuda fishing tackle shop and Romanian C&R Angling Association.

We would like to thank every participating angler for their performance, thrust and perseverance in our event.

Well done to winning teams on tough conditions!

Now in a few weeks’ time another event similar will take place on a different lake Lough Ree Predator Challenge REGISTRATION OPEN TO EVERYONE! and in October Pike Master Ireland (registration will be open soon)

Special thanks to Inland Fisheries Ireland for their support and understanding, we need to apologise to all locals and tourists in Ballina/Killaloe area for any inconvenience caused during the launch and removing the boats. Respect goes long way!!!