The West Cork & District SAC headed to Ballybrannigan Beach in East Cork for their second competition of the year. The beach can provide good daytime fishing if conditions are right (i.e. a good surf), but anglers arrived to find calm seas and knew this meant they were in for a tricky day’s fishing…

Blue Skies & Calm Seas at Ballybrannigan

Those anglers who chose to start by fishing close in found that fish were scarce. Those that ventured out further had more success, with a few doggies on the move. But a plethora of spider crabs caused havoc for all anglers, messing with baits and causing a general nuisance.

A decent flounder
A small turbot
At lines in, scores were as follows:
Troy Francis, 10 fish 395 pts
Jason Convery, 8 Fish 306pts
Mark O’Sullivan, 5 fish 230pts
Great fishing by Troy, well done fella!
Liam Davis won the Junior section with 2 fish.
Longest flatfish went to Mark O’Sullivan with a fine 39cm Flounder, as there were no roundfish caught on the night (Dogfish and Weevers aren’t included) the pool for longest round went to 2nd biggest flatfish, Colin Kilbride with a 37cm flounder.
Species caught were Dogfish, Flounder, Weever fish and Turbot. 48 fish were shared by 15 anglers overall.
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