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Mixed season on Loughs Conn & Cullin


Steve Schreck reports from Loughs Conn & Cullin…

Angling Report week ending 01/10/23

A mixed season on Loughs Conn and Cullin has come to an end. The weather, more often than not, wasn’t in favour of the angling community and therefore angling pressure was much lower than would normally be the case. The persistent anglers, however, still enjoyed good sport and caught nice trout, which should be an encouragement for the anglers who didn’t venture out. Don’t miss out next season.

Castlebar Anglers Association were intending to re-run the ‘Jackson Cup’ on Lough Conn on Saturday 30th September, but the weather thwarted those intentions once again.

Foxford Angling Club re-fished their ‘Chris Downey Cup’ on Saturday 30th September.

1st place went to Brian Kennedy with one trout to measure.

Dominic McGowan boated 9 fish during the competition, but unfortunately none was above the limit of 13 inches.

Peter Roche fished Brackwansha, Victoria and Massbrook on Friday, catching 2 fish at Brackwansha on a Fiery Brown Dabbler.