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Dave Edwards gets the first blue shark of the year (again)


David Edwards, skipper of the Silver Dawn at  West Cork Charters,  who caught the first poerbeagle of 2024, reports on the first blue shark of the year…

24 May: With a settled day in the weather I thought I would head offshore for a very early attempt at a Blue Shark. After all I haven’t had any sharks since January. Admittedly I haven’t tried since then either.

I thought that I had missed my chance when a large Blue rolled suddenly and bit through my trace.

Four more followed in quick succession, being alone and having recently broken 2 ribs, I knew I couldn’t get the larger fish on board but I did manage to bring a smaller 175cm (2 meter LOA) shark on for tagging.

first blue shark 2024
Catch of the week – the first blue shark of 2024

Exhausted and sore from playing and landing and tagging and safely releasing the sharks I made my way slowly back to shore.

Great to see so many large females arriving this early, hopefully it’s a sign that the crack down on shark finning is showing results.

Go fishing…

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