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Mariners brave storm Kathleen on the Mullet Peninsula


Despite storm Kathleen Killybegs Mariners had a great few days fishing the beaches around Belmullet in northwest Mayo including a cracking specimen sea trout. Read their report below…

Mariners club trip 2024 to Belmullet and a great few days away with the crew with some amazing fish got even with the named storm conditions as there are so many beaches facing so many different directions that it’s always possible to fish somewhere in this area no matter which way it’s blowing.

Fish of the weekend was a super sea trout for John Cunningham breaking a new club record length and also an Irish specimen length size fish at 68cm on the Inland Fisheries measuring mat (64cm is specimen length) which is great as specimen lengths allow for release of the fish. This fish tossed the tripod and took the rod sliding towards the water before John caught up to it. Another great fish was a bass for Proinnsias Doherty on one of the beaches we were saying they must be on but hadn’t got one there yet. Also, fine trout of 56cm for Declan McGettigan and a 53cm one for Cormac Duddy. Some good flounders were also got which was the target species in the surf.

So, a few great days and nights with the gang and thanks to all the lads that organised the weekend and the hospitality in the Western Strands and McDonnells, corner house and O’Ds once again. Planning the next trip already…