Piscarifly’s Mark headed across to Lough Corrib last Tuesday evening with Roger our good fishing friend. Gearing themselves for 5 days of Campto Buzzer fishing.

Mark & Roger based themselves out of Annaghadown, launching from the pier there for the 5 days. Mark has gathered some great marks over the last few years for some top buzzer & campto fishing. Buzzer fishing can be great in all areas of Corrib but some of the better waters for the Campto are never too far from Annaghadown.


Mark & Roger had some good fishing on their first day reporting fish up to 5lbs. Still trying to work out water & flys fully. The guys hit the water again Thursday and this time went to a old location they had spotted lot of boats day before heading to. Straight into fish on long open water drifts, before going into shallower water approx 9foot, to fish showing. Buzzer getting attention of some fish, but mainly emerging buzzers & olives were best to intice a hookup. So a chnage for short period to dries helped the guys land a few nice sized fish. Guys finished up heading up the lake from Annaghdown after lunch and finding a vacant spot in a small area, known as “PigAlley” . Straight away into some fine fish.

Corrib trout

Guys heading back to their digs to set up for Friday. Heading straight back to this small bay near a popular spot they met alot of fish for the day, breaking off in 2 great fish they didnt get to see, along with dropping other great fish. Ending up with 9 fish to the boat for the day with 8 lost/dropped. Saturday they had a decision to make regarding the stronger forcasted winds, whether to go up the lake to go Mayfly fishing or stick it out on buzzers. Roger wanting to hook some bigger fish, they decided to stick with buzzers and revisit a few spots. Straight away hooking into some fine fish up to 3.5lbs. Having another great day with good numbers. Winds were difficult so finding small deep bays or channels was best. Sunday the winds had dropped right down to perfect buzzer conditions, near flat calm. They headed to a spot south of Annaghdown, first, and by the end of first drift Roger was in a fine fish just under 4lbs. Followed by 5 more fish by the lads before other boats came into the area and winds picked up. They headed up the lake after a shoreline fry-up. Heading back to Pig Alley with no success only spotting a few fish. They resorted to Keekill bay for their last hour both landing fish 4lb+ in their final 2 drfits. To end a great 5 days on the Mighty Corrib.

Corrib mayfly

Best setup for the guys was a 10ft 6wt Medium action rod. With a 19foot leader. Fishing 7 foot to their first fly and 4 foot between droppers with a 4-fly setup. The buzzers in below picture were by far the best for them. Information obtained was that all flys had to have Red holographic by some means in the flies. Fishing all size 10s, with some drifts putting a size 8 buzzer on the point if in deeper water or stronger winds to help get flys down and hold the drift of flys. The pearly black buzzer was best on top dropper and point fly with others inbetween.

Mark with a trout

And Now Peter has headed off. Himself and Declan are on Lough Corrib with Tom Doc for the mayfly…a very wet start to the day the lads were pulling wets and met some fish. Declan had the best of the fishing in the morning. Peter switched to drys in the afternoon and stirred some nice fish and a detached body mayfly. The lads had 6 fish to the boat for the day and could of have a few more. Nice to see a good hatch of fly on the lake through out the day.

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